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Understanding editing as a lifelong trade sets professional editors apart from a very wide field of practitioners. Conduct a thorough search for a proofreader, and you'll encounter bright high school and college students, avid readers, teachers, and English professors, all with unique sets of skills. But only the professional editor comes to the table with the experience, training, and education of a qualified technician. To whom will you feel most comfortable entrusting your work—and reputation?
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Copy editing

Most manuscripts I receive begin here. At this level of service, I combine line editing, some elements of substantive editing, and traditional copy editing into one step. I carefully examine each line of text to ensure that your ideas are presented as clearly as possible. I evaluate grammar, word choice, sentence structure, consistency, intent, and even rhythm. For nonfiction submissions, I will format a bibliography or works cited list in your chosen style and, whenever possible, will verify the details provided for each source. For fiction submissions, I will generate a style sheet tailored to your project.

Word Angel Rate: $55.00/hour & up

Developmental Editing: Fiction

Please note that due to the collaborative nature of developmental editing, I accept very few DE clients.

In a developmental edit, I work with you on issues related to the development of the text as a whole. We will expand our focus beyond the sentence level to examine the structure of the work, its organization, character and thematic development, focus, voice, consistency, authenticity—any aspect that needs attention.

Word Angel Rate: $95.00/hour & up


I will check for typos; missing and wrong articles; and spelling, formatting, and basic grammar errors that do not involve rewording. This level of service should therefore not be considered a "lighter," less intrusive, or more affordable alternative to a full copy edit; rather, it is intended to clean up small errors left behind after the copyediting (and typesetting, if applicable) process is complete. If you have not yet had your manuscript examined by a professional copy editor, it is unlikely that the work is ready for proofreading.

Word Angel Rate: $50.00/hour & up

Research, Curriculum Development/Assessment, Test Item Writing

I have written test items for the TOEFL, the Sociology PRAXIS exam, and for various psychology and social work textbooks. Please contact me regarding your nonfiction research, writing, and curriculum development needs.


Projects are priced on a case-by-case basis. 


I will transcribe audio files into Word documents using specialized hardware and software. The file can be returned to you as "raw" text, lightly edited for clarity, or fully polished for immediate presentation.

Word Angel Rate: $25.00/hour & up

Substantive Editing: Nonfiction

Please note that my fields of expertise for scholarly work are primarily within the realm of the social sciences, including sociology (crime/deviance, poverty, race, gender/sexuality, workforce development), social psychology, psychology (including neuroscience), social work, political science, social policy, and philosophy. I'm happy to discuss any topic, however, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel I would be a good match for your work.

I will examine your work holistically to ensure that all aspects of your project, from literature review through discussion and results, work in tandem with one another and are presented in a way that is logical and intuitive to the reader; identify any methodological weaknesses or red flags in data interpretation that may hamper the peer-review process; and address ambiguous statements that detract from the clarity of your findings. You may choose to receive my feedback embedded within a fully copy edited version of your manuscript, or I can summarize my comments into a substantive review.

Word Angel Rate: $65.00/hour & up


Hourly rates reflect the amount of skill and experience necessary to perform each task. Time is billed in fifteen-minute increments. Visit my Contact page to learn how to receive a free estimate for your project.